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Brisbane, Australia, March 08, 2017 --( )-- Shar Moore says despite the great leaps women have made in society, the way women are portrayed in magazines still has a long way to go. Her response is to create a publication that is everything that mainstream magazines are not. On March 8, its International Womens Day with the theme be bold for change, yet on the magazine stands are glossies filled with petty, mindless and frivolous articles which demean women, Mrs. Moore says. Women and girls do not need to read about how they need the perfect bikini body or how they can drop three sizes in 7 days. While some big-name magazines are moving away from this, it is not fast enough and is doing damage to women. The magazine industry needs a shake up and I am going to shake it up. Mrs. Moore, CEO/Founder and Editor-in-Chief of YMag, is the founder of the successful networking group YNetwork, which has 7 branches across the east coast of Australia, International physician home equity loan Oak Laurel Award Winning Business Mentor, best-selling author of From Broke To BMW, and the brains behind the Elysian Experience. Mrs. Moores offering "YMag," is set to hit the newsstands midyear.

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