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logo It was exactly as predicted and as calculated. Abbott was prime minister before Turnbull replaced him after a bitter internal challenge in the ruling party in September 2015. Turnbull justified his challenge by pointing to the governments poor results in a series of Newspoll surveys under Abbotts leadership. The governments popularity initially surged with the more centrist Turnbull at its helm, but has fallen behind Labor since scraping back into power at July elections. Abbott remains a government lawmaker but Turnbull has excluded him from his Cabinet. Abbott used a speech and television interview on Thursday to urge the government to adopt more conservative policies, such as reducing Australias immigration and clean energy targets. The Newspoll found that the proportion of voters satisfied with Turnbull performance as prime minister had dropped 4 percentage points to 29 percent in three weeks. Those dissatisfied with his performance had increased 5 percentage points to 59 percent. Labor extended its lead over the government by 2 percentage points over three weeks ago. Labor is supported by 55 percent of the voters, while 45 percent support the government. The nationwide survey of 1,682 voters at the weekend had a 2.4 percentage margin of error.